28 Summer Teach Abroad Programs

The final bell has been rung and school is out for summer. Some teachers take the summer off to catch up on sleep, work on the hobbies they couldn’t find time for during the seemingly endless school year, or work on professional development in order to move up within the school system. Some teachers are looking for something else, something more. A summer teach abroad program could be exactly what you need to gain some worldly knowledge while also helping others.


Many summer teach abroad jobs revolve around teaching English as a second language (ESL) and can be quite rewarding. There are jobs in all corners of the earth and that involve different levels of students. Everything from summer camps to teaching private English lessons for families are out there. Research is the key to finding the right opportunity, but luckily we have kickstarted the research for our TBE readers!

Since most of these programs focus on ESL, you may need to look into a certification before applying. There 3 common types of certifications, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language), and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Each of these certifies you to teach to different people in different ways. TEFL is one of the most common certifications for teaching English overseas and is more sought after than the other two. Most of the programs we will review require at least a TEFL certification. Some of the summer teach abroad programs below even offer TEFL certification in line with the teaching opportunity!

Some of the summer teach abroad programs below have stipends, others have salaries, and the majority of programs require payment and sometimes cover everything you need for your time abroad including room and board. Think of it as a professional development vacation where all you need to do is plan is a flight and pack your suitcase!

Teaching abroad for the summer could be exactly what you need to gain some worldly knowledge while also helping others.

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  1. GoAbroad.com includes a bunch of job postings where you get paid to teach abroad as well as a ton of information on TEFL and other tips about finding the right program for you.
  2. Travellers Worldwide has numerous opportunities to volunteer all around the world. Some programs require a program fee, but they have everything from teaching to conservation available.
  3. GeoVisions provides 2-month opportunities to teach in either Thailand or Costa Rica. There is a program fee, but they also provide a monthly stipend for housing and food.
  4. International Volunteer HQ has programs all around the world with program fees starting at $180.
  5. Volunteering Solutions has a list of teaching projects in different fields. You can choose from 18 different destinations. Program fees start at $400.
  6. Africa & Asia Venture provides opportunities all over Asia and Africa with some paid teaching positions aimed at gap year students as well as volunteer travelers.
  7. Oyster Worldwide is another well regarded travel company that lets you choose a program by destination or specialty. They also have teaching opportunities all over the world.
  8. African Impact allows you to teach English in Africa with a volunteer program teaching in different schools in South Africa. Subjects are not only focused on language but other subjects too. Programs start at $1167.
  9. EcoTeer Responsible Travel programs start at $200 and allow you to enjoy the outdoors while you get involved in community projects. Participate in school clubs and engage students in environment-friendly activities while teaching English.
  10. Naturally Africa Volunteers has programs that start at $500. Join projects and work with communities that support health care, teach preschool and older students, engage in sports, and hold IT education initiatives.
  11. Volunteers Peru is aimed at helping kids to fulfill their personal and educational needs. You can choose from either the home for girls at risk in Arequipa or a public school in the village of Tomepampa. Programs start at $230.
  12. Volunteer Inn is a volunteer immersion program that includes English education, Mayan agriculture, environmental conservation, animal care, childcare, and construction. You can choose from two locations and participate in 1 of 6 projects. Program costs start at $570.
  13. Camp Europe includes several options to work at summer camps around Europe teaching different activities and acting as a language coach. It includes a stipend and room and board as well as different certifications.
  14. Asia-Pacific TEFL Participate either in a summer workshop or a 3-month certificate and term teaching internship with programs starting at $1000.
  15. The Otra Cosa Network runs 5 programs aimed at helping educate lower income children and adults in Huanchaco, Mexico. Programs start around $250.
  16. Trellis has volunteer programs in Vietnam that help teach English and allow you to get placement teaching English in Japan once completed.
  17. iSpiice Participate in a voluntary social organization that creates partnerships between international volunteers and rural Indian communities. Programs start at $550.
  18. Chile Ministry of Education Free participation to be a volunteer English teacher in Chile. Work with students from 5th to 12th grade. Includes a small stipend for school supplies and transportation.
  19. Greenheart Travel has multiple teaching opportunities where you can earn a salary and live abroad.
  20. Interexchange provides several English teaching opportunities in Europe with programs starting at $895.
  21. Travel Bud is another company that provides teaching programs in Asia. They help place you in full time paid teaching jobs and provide logistical support before and during your teaching adventure.
  22. The English Camp Company hosts camps that teach English to kids in Italy and Austria. Students can also apply if they want to gain teaching experience. Salary of 175 Euro per week.
  23. United Planet has programs called quests that allow you to volunteer around the world and teach children among other opportunities. Small stipends are available on some quests for food and other expenses.
  24. ACLE is an organization that teaches children in Italy the English language while playing sports during camps that range from 1-2 weeks. Study grants are available at stipends for food and other expenses.
  25. The Dream Project has 5-week programs for at-risk children from ages 9 to 17 years old. Work in a summer camp that provides educational support in various fields. Cost starts at $1950.
  26. Angloville has many English language immersion programs for adults and children in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania.
  27. Open Mind Programs Teach English in various levels in towns, villages, temples, orphanages or national parks in Laos, Thailand and Nepal. Program cost starts at $195.
  28. Tanzania Appointments has programs where you teach in nursery schools in Dar es Salaam and primary schools in Kilimanjaro. Play a big role in developing the cognitive skills of these by teaching English and other extra-curricular activities. Programs start at $1200.

With so many different opportunities for summer teach abroad programs out there, make sure you do your research and look for reviews and ask for references from past program participants. With this list as your starting guide, your summer might just end up being more fun than your students’ summer! We encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and find a program that will challenge you to learn and make a memorable summer teaching abroad.

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