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8 Great Travel Destinations for Teachers on Summer Break

Along with the long days and hot sun, summer break provides a great opportunity to get away from it all, reset, and possibly bring back some inspiration for the next school year. If you’re looking for your next summer adventure,  check out this guest post by Heather Knoff, traveler extraordinaire of!   Read on to see her top 8 picks for great summer travel!

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The 3 Best Summer Vacation Destinations in Latin America

When your vacation time revolves around school holidays, it can be challenging to find authentic, quiet, and affordable places to travel. Summer vacation in North America usually drives hoards of tourists to places like Europe, Florida, and New York City. Besides having to battle the tourist crowds – flights, hotels and tour prices are often astronomical.

Just south of the United States, you’ll find a plethora of exotic, culturally rich, and naturally beautiful countries that are also very affordable. The trick is to visit the right country at the right time, so you can enjoy your surroundings and not be deterred by bad weather. Continue reading