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7 Free Teacher Travel Programs

Teachers dream about summer vacation as much as their students. Unfortunately, most teachers’ parents aren’t taking them to Disneyland for an all expenses paid trip to see the world’s most famous mouse.  But what about teacher travel programs?

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How to Apply for Teacher Travel Grants

How would you like to expand your professional development through travel?  A teacher travel grant may be just the ticket for you!  In this guest post by Tim Wenger, learn how you can apply for a travel grant and stand apart from other applicants.  Take it away, Tim!

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Grants [Updated: April 2017]

As a PreK-12 or college/university teacher or administrator, do you want to travel more–yet struggle to find a way to afford it? What if someone else paid your travel expenses and gave you a professional development opportunity that would enrich your classroom? Many of these opportunities come with an obligation to contribute your learning in some way (via lesson plans, curriculum development, blog posts, research findings, etc) in exchange for your grant, but isn’t sharing your knowledge what teaching and traveling is all about?

Read on to learn about 29 Travel Grants and Other Travel Opportunities for Teachers and Education Professionals! [Updated April 2017.]

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