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For those of you who missed my interview with Myra on TCKid TV, have a look:

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If you’re a TCK, you have a unique perspective on the cultures of the world.  Has your mobile childhood infected you with a travel bug that carried on into adulthood like it has for me, or are you tired of globetrotting and just feel happy settling down?  Do you want to travel more, but feel trapped by the responsibilities and financial burdens of your current life?

I hope that through watching the video you could see how passionate I am about travel, and I believe travel is within everyone’s reach.  I believe that the more we humans get to know each other, the more we will be able to understand and appreciate, or at least tolerate our differences.  We will fear each other less, which will hopefully lead to less hatred and war.  Maybe this is a naive and romantic notion, but it is my greatest dream.  If you’re a TCK, maybe you can relate!

I want to spread the travel bug, especially among influential people such as teachers.  I want to inspire at least 1,000 teachers to make international travel a part of their lifestyle, and then bring their knowledge and experience back to their classrooms!  As TCKs I believe we can be ambassadors for travel, show our mono-cultural friends and colleagues how feasible travel really is, and encourage them to travel more.  Many of you have likely traveled far more than I have and could share some good travel tips with the rest of us (feel free to do so in the comments below, by the way!).

Pretty much everyone can work through their excuses and travel more if that’s something they really want to do; I strongly believe that.  Decide what you want, make it a priority, and steadily work toward it.  You can go anywhere if you really set your mind to it!

You CAN Travel

My challenge for anyone reading this post:  Don’t think of all the reasons why you can’t travel.  Come up with one reason why you can.  Leave me a comment below regarding where you intend to travel next.  Will it be back to the country (or one of them) where you grew up, to reconnect with your friends?  Will it be to the country of your ancestors to connect with your roots?  Will it be to a tropical island to escape an icy winter?  Then, in your comment, tell me one reason why this trip will work.  I will pick my favorite comment and send a free hardcover copy of the Four Hour Workweek to that person!  I’ll announce the winner here on this page.

Happy Travels!

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I spent 5 years of my childhood in Mexico, became a teacher, traveled the world, married a nomad, and now run some websites and write books!